Roi Properties (From Amplus) Real Estate Consulting provides integrated real estate services for all its clients across domain. Our commercial specialists are committed to your needs, combined with business expertise, Roi Properties (From Amplus) surpasses your business goals with the below sevices

Consulting Services

At Roi Properties (From Amplus) we’ll help you reduce risk & enhance the success of your real estate experience. Our consulting management team who are specialized in local market insight, analytical processes, market research & analyses help our clients in maximizing their opportunity in the commercial market.

We understand the industry and know how to position opportunities for success because we are regularly working with all major clients and customer base. You’ll benefit from our extensive commercial real estate experience helping companies from a broad range of industries meet the challenges of mergers and acquisitions, identify innovative workplace solutions, drive organizational change and engineer the financial optimization of their commercial property.

Market Research & Feasibility
Consumer Research
Performance Improvement
Business Plan/Strategy Development
Commercial Analysis
Resort Services

Corporate-Commercial Solutions

Providing corporate commercial solution is completely different from a typical commercial property management & Roi Properties (From Amplus) understands & deliver strategies that align with your organization’s business and financial objectives. We deliver customized, accountable and innovative solutions that result in the best service experience. Every commercial management contract is approached with the sensitivity of a personal investment

Roi Properties (From Amplus) have the unique expertise of managing commercial associations such as commercial projects, Malls, Business Parks, Multiplex and so on. We work with the clients/ Builders closely to acquire the required data and organize meetings with clients and ensure proper delivery & satisfaction of all.

Property Management

Our property management teams can deliver an effective service that will maximize clients return from all of their property assets. We recognize that each division requires a unique skill set to maximize the services to our clients. Project management can be very tricky and it can either make or break a real estate strategy, that’s why we count on our professional team in providing the business solutions. We provide a single point of accountability and leadership in every project, large and small, and take initiative and embrace the responsibility to get it done right, on time and on budget.

Our main areas of focus are:

Retail Management
Business Space Management

The key services that are provided within our typical property management are:

Rent collection
Service charge budget and expenditure management
Financial management and statutory compliance
Compliance with sustainability issues
Procurement and contractor management
Lease compliance
Employment of any on site staff
Service charge consultancy
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